Quarantine Date Ideas

I’ve lost count of what week we’re in but I KNOW it’s time to get creative with quarantine-approved date ideas. Here are some ones that are on our list that will hopefully keep things exciting while we stay at home.

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  1. Virtual double date: Do a zoom double date with your friends. We’ve done game nights and wine tastings as a weekend activity.
  2. Movie marathon: Put together a list of movies to watch on your streaming service. We have an on-going list on Netflix and take turns picking a movie. Up next is There Will Be Blood and Little Women. It’s easy to guess who picked what 🙂
  3. Cooking theme nights: Pick a region you love and go on a culinary adventure. We’ve done make-your-own pizza nights, taco Tuesdays, DIY sushi rolls, you name it. We try to pair the appropriate drinks to go along with the food theme night!
  4. Dinner Out(side): Go “out for dinner” in your outdoor space. You can get dressed up and have a fun night out(side). We haven’t tried this yet but it’s on our list… as soon as the weather in New York warms up!
  5. Bake-Off: Do an at-home version of the British Bake-Off. This was a good idea in theory but we got in a fight when it came to judging. We picked a dish (strawberry crips) and used our own recipes.
  6. Socially distant walks: Take regularly scheduled walks together. We’ve been doing ones in the evening with our dog Billy. We try to aim for 7pm so we can be outside for #ClapBecauseWeCare.
  7. Rooftop picnic: Do a picnic outside if you have the space. This is still on our to do list because my husband is scared of heights. I’ve seen our British neighbors do it though and it’s like their quarantine version of afternoon tea.
  8. Hiking: Find a nearby hike to do together. I really wish this wasn’t a quarantine-approved activity, but it is. I will say, it’s a great way to disconnect for a few hours and get your heart racing.

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