Paula & Ken’s Intimate Brooklyn Wedding

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Paula + Ken accepted that things weren’t going to go as planned for their March 2020 wedding and did the best they could to honor their original plans pre-COVID. What was meant to be a close to 200 person celebration at The Box House Hotel in Greenpoint was now down to just the essential people needed to get these two wed. They got ready in their apartment-turned-bridal suite, walked down the aisle (aka flight of stairs) to their rooftop ceremony as guests tuned in live via Facetime. 

Paula was so great with the details – she decorated her room to be the bridal suite using the wedding decor meant to be displayed at the venue. She made a floral arrangement for her hair that matched the dry bouquet gifted by her brothers who couldn’t make it. She is so thoughtful and did her best to incorporate as many meaningful touches as possible.

Ken understood the importance of the day (better than most grooms) and worked hard to make sure Paula still got her dream celebration. He Facetimed family into the ceremony, worked on all the back and forth logistics leading up to the weekend and brought a humor and lightness to the day that we all needed. 

Quarantine at its best exposed everyone to the beauty of what really matters – something that often gets lost in typical wedding celebrations. Looking back on the day, I remember all the unexpected moments as much as the planned ones; from the impromptu champagne toast on the roof started by their neighbors, to the new officiant stepping in to read the ceremony script written by Paula’s uncle who was supposed to marry them.

As a wedding photographer and New Yorker, it was one of the single best celebrations I’ve been a part of – one where I felt an overwhelming sense of love, commitment and community. 


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