NYC Courthouse Wedding

Julie + Erik got married in NYC at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United State Courthouse. If that name doesn’t say it all – it’s a government building with intense security measures. Not a place for a typical wedding? It was a total, once-in-a-lifetime experience. See below for an exclusive look inside the courthouse!

NYC Courthouse Wedding

The Details: 

The Venue: The second LARGEST federal courthouse in the US

The Officiant: The Honorable District Judge (nominated by Obama) who Julie used to clerk for and whose high profile cases I’ve followed for years.

Ceremony Location: Courtroom straight out of Law & Order that overlooked the entire city

Reception: Inside the judges chambers!!

*The security measures were, of course, extremely tight in the building so all the photos are taken on iPhone. iPhone wedding photography – was a first for me!

NYC City Hall Wedding

But beyond all of this, what I remember most when I look back at their celebration, are the people.  

Courthouse Wedding Couple

The judge who had an incredible sense of humor – like you wouldn’t believe. The family who treated me more as a friend than a photog. Julie’s old babysitter who stepped in as my photo assistant! And, of course, their friends who slipped away during work hours to attend. Everyone was so kind, so humble, so appreciative. It truly speaks volumes to who these two are as a couple. 

And fast forward two months – Mother’s Day – they were able to bring their baby boy home after a month in the hospital. 

Images are powerful but so are the stories behind them. I hope that in the midst of all this craziness, this story serves as a reminder that there is still SO MUCH GOOD in this world.


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